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 Joanna is an experienced and passionate leader, speaker, coach, and transformational trainer. Not to mention a Bestselling author of two books in 7 countries.  She enjoys helping others to discover the best version of themselves by facilitating workshops, speaking about leadership, and personal coaching. During her 15-year corporate career she drove cultural change and implemented effective and sustainable operational excellence systems in Fortune 500 companies like Goodyear & PepsiCo. While in those roles she coached and trained managers, leaders, and teams on 4 continents and in more than 15 countries.  

 Her focus is on the development of teams to become effective and individuals to perform at their best. Through her process she is able to deliver results in organizations that include creating clear accountability, motivation, and respect of teams and co-workers. All of this makes your organization more effective and productive. 

Joanna led the cultural and performance transformation (Operational Excellence) of the Great Lakes region in PepsiCo. She led, taught, coached, and mentored over 1,600 employees in 8 facilities, through the process to implement a lean and bottom-up method to lead and run the business on a daily basis. 

 During her time at the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, Joanna traveled around the world supporting and coaching factories and leadership teams to develop more robust continuous improvement and quality perspectives and systems, implementing a sustainable way to deliver world class results and performance on the manufacturing floor. 

She was also part of the startup of a green field plant in Pulandian, China where she was a key contributor in achieving a new facility launch with successful quality, safety, productivity, and cost performance. In that time Joanna supported 11 plants in North and South America. Her work is still being used to support their leaders in continuous development and progress. 

    Joanna has been a inspirational and transformational speaker for 6 years, finding creative ways to engage and support the needed change in all levels of business organization. 

Working in 4 continents and 15 countries , and helping +3,000 leaders to reach excellence, allowed her to gain a rich perspective of different cultures and the impact of those on effective leadership skills. 

Her observations about the modern corporate crisis and the need to focus on leadership development is what moved her to start sharing her own journey and tips on how to become an extraordinary leader. 

 Joanna has spoken in multiple universities both in the US and internationally and is frequently a podcast guest where she shares her knowledge and experience in a broader way. 

In 2019 Joanna coached and supported teams in Croatia and Norway as part of their Business Freedom Speaking Academy training, she was one of the team leaders and coaches that helped 100 people to learn and improve their communication skills and become extraordinary public speakers. .

what i believe...


Your purpose: Becoming the best version of yourself

  My goal when I am speaking, coaching, or consulting as a creative mind, is to help you, your team and your business to reach Operational Excellence and extraordinary results in a sustainable and smooth way. 

My commitment is to "teach you how to fish" and make sure you have not ONLY all the tools but learn the "know how" regards when, where and how to use them effectively.   

Let's create a legacy out of your business that impact people and the environment for years to come. I will support you to reach the next level, adding value and practical tools of transformational leadership and Operational Excellence that you can relate and implement immediately.   

Dominican Republic March 2019

A Philosophy for the Future

We all have the magic and power inside of us to create the life we desire and deserve. In other words, the keys to productivity and success are already in our pocket. 

We often just need someone to show us how to access our magic, encouraging us, to open the doors to infinite possibilities. And then, help us to start taking ACTIONS towards the final destination we have defined. Transformational leadership is a tool that can help you to achieve  your goals and dreams. Finding YOUR unique leadership from all the leadership styles available allows you to create your valuable and unique brand as a leader.



 My DREAM is to support 1.5 billion people to have major personal and business leadership transformational experiences. 

One of my biggest passions is helping others to explore and reach their maximum potential in life. After years of working with all levels of leadership in Corporate America, I have dedicated myself to help businesses and leaders to fix and heal the leadership crisis we are facing worldwide.  I help leaders to create the right culture for their business to achieve Operational Excellence in a sustainable way.  One of my strengths is to help you break through the boundaries that are limiting you or your team to create a great future. 




HACK IT! are my values, I used them in my daily life and in all my relationships to hack the best possible scenario for me and those around me. When I HACK IT, I am able to create meaningful relationships, add extraordinary value, build community and find ways to collaborate,

HONESTY: What you see is what you get, I am an open book!

AUTHENTICITY: I am proud to claim who I am and  help others to do the same

CONTRIBUTION: As a servant leader one of my main goals is to serve others

KINDNESS:  I am a kind leader that brings more kindness into the  workplace

INGENUITY: Find new and creative ways to do things, thinking "Out of the Box" 

TRUSTWORTHINESS: I will always have your back


MY MISSION to help others to be better souls, better people, better leaders while igniting smiles and finding their purpose in life


My vision to facilitate a true impact in the world with people inspired, committed and satisfied doing a job they love, either as employees or entrepreneurs.


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